White nationalists march again with torches in Charlottesville

White nationalist leader Richard Spencer led another rally in Charlottesville with supporters carrying lit torches to the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee at Emancipation Park Saturday night.

The gathering comes nearly two months after violence broke out between white supremacists and counter protesters in the city. A 32-year-old woman was killed and 35 other people were injured during the clashes. On the night before, white nationalists also marched through the University of Virginia carrying torches and chanting racial slurs.

Spencer livestreamed the brief flash mob, which lasted about 20 minutes, on his Twitter page. The marchers could be heard chanting "You will not replace us" and "We will be back."

Spencer later tweeted another video calling "Charlottesville 3.0" a success, and also saying supporters sang, chanted and made speeches without any confrontations or injuries taking place.

The Charlottesville City Council voted earlier this year to remove the Lee statue. However, an injunction has prohibited its removal while the lawsuit plays out.

Information from the Associated Press used in this report.