What's the favorite Halloween candy in your state?

Credit: Zippia

Unsurprisingly, candy searches soar in October. Using Google Trends, Zippia discovered which Halloween candy is the most popular in each state. 

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Last year’s favorite, Starburst, was dethroned by Kit Kats and Twix bars this year. 

The top pick in DC is Sour Patch Kids, while Maryland and Virginia both went to chocolate options with Kit Kat and Reese's Pieces. 

28 states prefer chocolate candies while 22 prefer gummies, fruit-flavored candies, and other non-chocolate candies.

If you've ever wondered who likes those little orange and black wrapped candies deceptively titled "peanut butter kisses," it's South Dakota. 

Oklahoma isn’t much better, loving Circus Peanuts more than anyone other than my grandma.

Some other interesting choices include Runts in Tennessee and Colorado’s passion for Black Liquorice.