What's Harvey Weinstein's impact on Hollywood's image?

As the sexual harassment scandal involving movie mogul Harvey Weinstein engulfs Hollywood, there are concerns about the long-ranging effect it could have on the entertainment industry.

As more accusers come to light, implicating other prominent figures, questions continue to swirl about the extent of the misconduct and whether powerful men strong-armed would-be victims into silence.

On Friday's "The Final 5," FOX 5's Jim Lokay was joined by Eric Schiffer from Reputation Management Consultants, who talked about what the effects could be for those who didn't quickly speak out and condemn the alleged misconduct.

"This has been an open secret, so I think anyone who's been involved in Hollywood has heard this," Schiffer said.

There is also the political component. Much is being made about Hollywood's longstanding support of liberal causes, and in the case of Weinstein, his extensive donations to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Are politicians complicit as well?

"I imagine Republicans are going to use this. I reckon in 2018, it's going to be part of the campaign, and part of a set of cultural attacks on Democrats because of the connection and the close ties," said Schiffer, although he concedes the problem manifests itself on both sides of the aisle.

"Many Democrats close to Weinstein are going to have to account, and I think Republicans have their own challenges with people who have had human frailties and have been on the receiving end of a lot of allegations," he explained.