What you missed from Sherri Shepherd's entertaining visit to FOX 5 DC

"Good Day D.C." and "LION Lunch Hour" wrapped up the week with an extra special guest host appearance on Friday, as comedian, actress, and talk show host Sherri Shepherd visited the FOX 5 DC studios in Bethesda, Maryland. Here's a look at what you missed, if you were not able to catch Sherri on FOX 5.

The visit started by giving Sherri a tour of the FOX 5 Studios. As you can tell in the video above, we were all very excited to welcome Sherri!

Sherri then sat down with Wisdom, Holly, and Jacqueline to give us a preview of her talk show "Sherri," which you can catch on FOX 5 every day at 12:00 p.m., after your other favorite show "LION Lunch Hour."

The crew then moved into the kitchen where KitchenCray Chef JR Robinson was cooking up a taste of D.C. for Sherri. What else would we give Sherri other than chicken with mumbo sauce to help get a taste of what food in the District is all about. We'll take Sherri's dance moves as a sign she loved it! As Holly put it, the "mumbo sauce makes you do the mambo!" 

After getting a taste of D.C., Sherri then showed off her secret talent - meteorology! Sherri joined FOX 5's Tucker Barnes in the Weather Center to help deliver the weather and gave us a few laughs during the forecast. Watch out Tucker, Sherri is coming for your job!

Back at the couch, Sherri helped Wisdom and Holly talk about the latest celebrity news and gossip during the Celebrity Dish. Sherri shared some words of wisdom she received from Whoopi Goldberg about being a talk show host, and weighed in on who she thinks should be the next James Bond. Here's a hint, she thinks a particular Good Day D.C. anchor would be a great fit!

Sherri and Jacqueline then spoke to Sherri's friend and comedian David Koechner, who is well known for his role as Todd Packer on "The Office." Sherri and David caught up with each other and shared a few laughs as David spoke about his upcoming shows in Arlington, Virginia.

Sherri stuck around the FOX 5 Studios for "LION Lunch Hour" as well! She was joined at the top of the show by another famous guest host - LisaRaye McCoy. The crew welcomed LisaRaye and Sherri to the "LION Lunch Hour" with some extra delicious cupcakes made by pastry chef Mister Bake!

While they were chowing down on those delicious cupcakes, Sherri, LisaRaye, and Mister Bake helped the "LION Lunch Hour" crew break down the sizzling stories of the day. The crew discussed several topics, including, how they feel about the Hallmark Channel announcing it will start airing holiday films in October. The crew says it's never too early to get into the holiday spirit!

Sherri wrapped up her time at the FOX 5 Studios by sitting down one-on-one with FOX 5's Angie Goff to give us even more details about her new talk show ‘Sherri,’ including what went into the creation of the show and what she will be doing on the show to help future generations of comedians. The "LION Lunch Hour" crew then said their goodbyes to Sherri!

It was an exciting Friday at FOX 5, but the fun doesn't stop here! Tune into "Good Day D.C." and "LION Lunch Hour" starting at 9 a.m. on Monday to see what we have in store for you next week! Also, Sherri referenced her visit on her September 26, 2022 show!