What Metro Red Line riders can expect during SafeTrack Surge #7: Shady Grove to Twinbrook

Metro riders will experience delays along a portion of the Red Line starting Tuesday as Metro continues their system wide maintenance plan.

SafeTrack Surge #7 begins on August 9 and runs through August 18 and will involve continuous single tracking between the Shady Grove and Rockville stations.

The emergency overhaul of the transit system, which began in June, has primarily focused on the Orange, Silver, Blue and Yellow Lines. The month of August was the first month Metro Red Line commuters were directly impacted.

Here are the complete details about the latest SafeTrack plan and travel alternatives:

On weekdays:

On weekend:

Weekend train frequencies may change to coordinate with other planned track work on the Metrorail system.Weekend service information is posted in the Alerts & Advisories section

Red line trains may be very crowded, especially during rush hour due to severe service reductions. Expect significantly longer wait times at the following stations:

Shady Grove

Map of full service impacts (pdf)
SafeTrack full plan brochure (pdf)
Parking availability (pdf)
Surge 7 brochure (pdf)
Ride On bus service map (jpg)
Printable detailed bus information (pdf)


Montgomery County SafeTrack - Resources for Montgomery County residents, commuters and visitors to plan for SafeTrack


Printable detailed bus information (pdf)

From Shady Grove
Q1, Q2 Shady Grove - Rockville - Wheaton - Forest Glen - Silver Spring
Q5,Q6 Shady Grove - Rockville - Wheaton

From Rockville
Q1, Q2 Shady Grove - Rockville - Wheaton - Forest Glen - Silver Spring
Q4 Rockville - Wheaton - Forest Glen - Silver Spring
Q5,Q6 Shady Grove - Rockville - Wheaton

Ride On
Bus service map (jpg)

From Shady Grove
46 Shady Grove - Rockville - Twinbrook - White Flint - Grosvenor - Medical Center
53 Shady Grove - Glenmont
55, 59, 63 Rockville - Shady Grove

From Rockville
44, 45 Rockville - Twinbrook
46 Shady Grove - Rockville - Twinbrook - White Flint - Grosvenor - Medical Center
47 Rockville - Bethesda
48 Rockville - Wheaton
49 Rockville - Glenmont
55, 59, 63 Rockville - Shady Grove
81 Rockville - White Flint


Consider riding MARC's Brunswick Line from Rockville or MARC stations to the north to Union Station. MTA is planning to add an extra car per train to accommodate additional riders.


If your park and ride from Shady Grove or Rockville, consider parking at Twinbrook, White Flint, Glenmont, Wheaton or Forest Glen stations.


Montgomery County Bike/Walk - Resources on biking throughout Montgomery County, including bike maps and information for bike commuters.
Capital Bikeshare - A bike transit service of the departments of transportation in the District of Columbia, Arlington County, the City of Alexandria and Montgomery County.

Washington Area Bicyclist Association - Information on bike options in SafeTrack Surge zones

Commuter Connections - Provides commute options to get to work and get you home in an unexpected emergency. Among many services, it offers ridematching for carpools and vanpools and administers the Guaranteed Ride Home program.
Montgomery County Commuter Services - Promotes Better Ways to Work with a variety of incentives and tools to help make our roads less crowded while providing reliable transportation alternatives.
Montgomery County Car Sharing Services - Information on car sharing services available in Montgomery County.
Montgomery County Carpool/Vanpool - Receive free assistance in forming a carpool or vanpool convenient to your home and office.

Additional Information

MCDOT to Provide Supplemental Bus and Other Services During SafeTrack Surges

Red Line Passengers Urged to Seek Alternatives During SafeTrack Surges in August: Surge #6 Begins August 1 and Will Affect the Entire Red Line; Surge #7 Begins August 9 with Greatest Impact at Shady Grove and Rockville

If you have any questions or need assistance planning your trip, please call Metro Customer Service at (202) 637-7000.