Wharf-inspired development proposed for Northern Virginia

A Wharf-inspired development could be coming to northern Virginia and would include a boardwalk, al-dente dining and waterfront living.

The proposed project, known as The Quartz District, is under review by officials in Prince William County.

The development, being planned by Gaithersburg-based Buchanan Partners, would be built in Woodbridge near Prince William Parkway and Minnieville Road.

The 145-acre project would reportedly include 1,000 residential units, 200,000 square feet for office space, several retail shops and a man-made lake.

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Buchanan Partners said the lake would function as a stormwater management facility and a boardwalk.

"Woodbridge already has a robust real estate market but this is just going to add to the quality of life," Vicky Durandisse with Golston Real Estate told FOX 5. "I see it as a huge win for sellers. A lot of sellers have been worried about their homes depreciating because we're in a market right now where some sellers are lowering the value by lowering their price."

Because of where the development would be placed, some have noted the district could create even more traffic for an already congested area.

Buchanan Partners did not disclose total buildout costs but said it was working with the community engagement platform CoUrbanize to crowdsource feedback about the project.

The proposal was submitted to Prince William County in October and if all goes off without a hitch, the project could start in 2021.