Wes Moore among several Democratic nominees limiting debates with GOP candidates

The Maryland gubernatorial race is heating up. 

One day after he said he won't participate in a FOX 5 debate, Democratic candidate Wes Moore is opening up about why he's limiting his public interactions with his opponent Dan Cox. 

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Moore's campaign officials said the reason why they do not want to give Cox a wide platform is because of what they describe as "extreme right-wing positions." 

On Tuesday, FOX 5 asked Moore directly why he's decided to have only one debate for 4.3 million registered voters who'll choose Maryland's next governor. 

Wes Moore

"I am debating Dan Cox on October 12, and I'm excited to debate Dan Cox," Moore said. "I think debating is an important part of the Democratic process."  

Upon hearing that Moore decided not to debate him on FOX 5, Cox called the decision "ludicrous" and called on Moore to reconsider. The Baltimore-bred Democratic nominee says he will not reconsider. 

"This is a person that even the current Governor Larry Hogan said not only is he not going to vote for him, but he won't even give him a tour of the governor’s office. Cox’s ideology is dangerous," Moore said. 

Wes Moore leads Dan Cox in fundraising in Maryland governor’s race

It turns out nationally, Moore isn't alone among Democrats limiting their debate appearances. In elections from Pennsylvania to California and Arizona, Democratic nominees across the country have refused to either debate – or hold multiple debates – with Republican opponents.

Currently, Maryland's only governor's debate is being hosted by Maryland Public Television on October 12.