Weekend chaos at National Harbor prompts emergency teen curfew in Prince George's County

After a weekend of chaos at the National Harbor, Prince George's County leaders are moving forward with emergency legislation to enforce a stricter curfew for juveniles.

The bill could go into effect in the coming weeks, well before summer break starts for students. 

The Prince George’s County Council came together Tuesday and voted to quickly implement a special curfew in commercial spaces after the disturbing incidents happening at the Harbor.

Under this proposal, commercial spaces could impose a curfew as early as 5 p.m.

Councilmember Edward Burroughs pushed for Prince George’s County Council to turn his curfew bill into emergency legislation to help protect commercial areas where teenagers tend to hang out, like the Harbor.

"The harbor is a beautiful place. It is the economic engine of the entire county," Burroughs said. 


Cracking down on teen crowds, Prince George’s County considers curfew expansion

Leaders in Prince George’s County are looking to expand youth curfew. There's a bill on the table in response to the ongoing safety concerns and growing crowds of teens in public spaces.

He wants visitors, residents, and business owners like Shaina Taylor to feel safe.

Taylor was at Vino at the Harbor, the wine bar she owns, on Saturday night when the teens took over Waterfront Street.

"It hurt the business a bit and people were afraid, and I was also afraid of my protection," Taylor said. "They were heavily intoxicated. I saw more vomit out on the streets than ever before. Kids were falling out of the cars and throwing up."

With this bill, the council member says parents will also be held accountable for their children's actions.

"We’ve had situations where law enforcement will get young people to call their parents, tell their parents to pick them up, and they don’t pick them up," Burroughs said. 

This bill isn't just for the National Harbor – it will cover any commercial area where juveniles hang out unsupervised. Another area where leaders have heard complaints is the Boulevard in Largo.