Wedding singer faces backlash for performing at Trump's DC hotel

A wedding singer said he is receiving backlash after performing at the Trump International Hotel in the nation's capital.

Aaron Broadus said his band BroadSound was booked long before Donald Trump became president. Now, as wedding season starts to pick up, he is concerned about losing business.

Despite Broadus' concerns about performing at Trump's hotel, the wedding singer said business is business. Though he worries entrepreneurs could be forced to turn down gigs due to the current political climate and trolls ready to pounce on social media.

Based out of Fairfax, Virginia, Broadus was booked to perform at one of the first weddings at the Trump International Hotel a few months ago. After the gig, he did what many do - posted pictures of the event on social media.

But that is when the backlash started. Comments from colleagues, friends and even complete strangers asked he could perform at the Trump's hotel.

"My first reaction to that was we were there for the client," said Broadus. "We weren't there for Donald Trump. That is a separation in and of itself. Also, one of the things that I say to my family and friends is when you take yourself out of the game and remove yourself from the process, you really can't influence or make any changes."

He said his group was also booked to perform at the Salute to Our Armed Service Ball on the night of Trump's inauguration, but ultimately that gig was cancelled.

Another singer, Chrisette Michele, is still facing backlash after performing at one of Trump's inaugural ball. She even received death threats for it.

However, singer Joy Villa, who wore a "Make America Great Again" pro-Trump dress on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, gained popularity after her appearance and her music sales spiked the following day.

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