‘We all have a part to play’: Boston ICU nurses urge public to stay at home

Their mouths may be covered by masks, but their message still rings loud and clear.

On March 27, a group of nurses helping to treat COVID-19 patients at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston gathered to deliver a passionate plea, urging viewers to stay home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Working in an ICU, we are faced with life and death every day and are dedicated to saving as many lives as possible,” says Sarajane Hall, the nurse at the forefront of the video. “But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.”

No other nurses speak in the clip. Instead, they all stand behind Hall, resolute, as she discusses the dire shortage of protective equipment available, noting that they are only allotted “one mask per day.”

“We are strong and united and will not give up in the fight to save lives,” Hall says before asking those at home do their part in flattening the curve. “We are begging you to do yours so we can do ours.”

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The video was shared on the Instagram account for Russell Gallen, who is Hall’s cousin. Since being shared, the video has evoked passionate responses of awe and gratitude from Instagram users.

“Utmost admiration for your cousin and all of her fellow providers. God be with them,” one Instagram user wrote.

“We stand with you all,” wrote another. “Thank you for everything you do! God bless.”

Shortage of necessary medical supplies and protective equipment at health organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic has been well documented. There have been numerous reports of health care professionals who fear of contracting the virus at work and potentially spreading it to their loved ones at home.

The first N95 medical masks to reach the U.S. since February are arriving by plane and ship this week, with trucks standing ready to speed them to coronavirus hot spots around the country.

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It's not nearly enough to meet demand. As COVID-19 cases soared this month, the U.S. was hit with a critical shortage of medical supplies, which often are made in China. Until this week, the most recent delivery of medical-grade N95 masks arrived from China more than a month ago, on Feb. 19.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. The Associated Press contributed to this story.