Waterspout touches down in Smith Island, Maryland causing widespread damage

Shocking video captured the moment a waterspout slammed into a small island in Maryland on Thursday, as severe weather wrecked the state’s shores.

The video shows the tornado swirling over water and heading towards Smith Island off the Chesapeake Bay.

The video, taken by Amy and Daniel Somers, shows debris flying in the air as the waterspout approached land.

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(CREDIT: Amy Somers)

You can hear utter shock from the Somers as they watch the waterspout come ashore and slam into what appears to be a building.

Significant damage to structures and properties has been reported on Smith Island, but so far no word on any injuries to residents of the small island.

Photos show many Smith Island houses completely destroyed by the storm, with debris cluttered over lawns. 

Maryland governor Larry Hogan warned residents to stay inside in a statement on Twitter.

"Please stay off the roads in affected areas – especially anywhere tree-clearing crews need to work," he said.

Governor Hogan also noted that the state is helping local officials with the response to the damage.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help residents of Smith Island with the cleanup efforts.

The National Weather Service had issued a statement warning of 45 mile per hour winds and possible hail.

Smith Island - which makes up the communities of Tylerton, Rhodes Point, and Ewell - has a population of less than 300 people. It is the only island without a bridge connected to the mainland.

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