WATCH: Students burn American flags at American University to protest Trump's win

Students were burning American flags at American University in D.C. Wednesday in protest of GOP nominee Donald Trump's presidential win.

Students gathered outside the school on Wednesday afternoon to protest, and were heard yelling "F*** Trump." During the protest, a struggle broke out when some students began to burn several small flags.

A professor at the university told FOX 5 that continuous comments are being made in the classroom and teachers are struggling to deal with it, "Students have all these feelings of grief, disappointment, anger and they need a space in which to work them out. No one can start to talk about reconciliation without authentically grieving first. International students are scared. Students of color or LGBT queue are scared. How do we make them feel safe?"

Some students, including American University senior Arielle Thomas, say the protest went too far, "I understand that most students at AU are upset about the election results but that doesn't mean it's okay to completely disrespect our country by burning the American flag. We need to unify the country, not further divide it." Another student said, "We don't know what to do. Is racism really what this county is all about? Everyone is just walking around stunned."

American University said it supports giving the chance to protest and use their right to freedom of speech. Security was brought in to keep an eye on things but for the most part it was just a spirited debate.

Many individuals posted videos showing the flag burning protest.

Disclaimer: Videos may contain profanity.