WATCH: Bodycam video of deadly DC police shooting at the Wharf

During a press conference Friday, D.C. police shared new details about the deadly officer-involved shooting that took place at the Wharf last Saturday. 

In Police Chief Robert Contee's update, he revealed the name of the off-duty officer who killed 23-year-old Lazarus Wilson and displayed bodycam footage of the incident. 

The video shows Bagshaw asking Wilson to put his loaded gun down after police say he pointed it at the pier. FOX 5 has learned Wilson did not own the gun he was holding. 

In a separate video, police showed, from a nearby bistro, diners can be seen running – some hiding under tables. Police believe this was the scene right after a shot was fired. The gunfire, police said, grazed another person nearby, causing them to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Chief Contee previously described the person as a "witness" who may have been with the person who was holding the gun.

Robbery occurred before deadly officer-involved shooting at the Wharf, police say

An additional side-by-side angle from the bodycam video worn by responding officers shows Bagshaw on the ground in a white shirt with his hands behind his head. Police are telling him to drop the gun. Bagshaws wife is not too far away from him yelling, "police." 

Chief Contee says he still stands by his initial response that his officer acted accordingly and potentially prevented an even worse situation from happening. 

"This could've easily been a situation where one or multiple people could've been killed .... all of his actions will be four or five into this."

The officer who fired their gun has been placed on administrative leave per department policy. Contee says the officer was recently promoted to commander and has been with the department for at least 15 years. 

On Tuesday, police revealed that the suspect had robbed someone just before Bagshaw fired his weapon. 


According to the incident report, the suspect and another person met up with two people to sell them an item that police would not reveal. 

The suspect and that other person both pulled out guns and demanded cash from the victims. 

The pair handed money over, and the suspects took off. 

The police report shows officers recovered Oxycodone, rolling papers, and nearly $31,000 in cash. 

Contee says the U.S. Attorney's Office is currently reviewing the incident, and once they complete their review the case will be investigated by an internal affairs bureau.