Want to get Michelle Obama's signature toned arms? Her personal trainer shares how in workout class

For more than two decades, Cornell McClellan has been keeping Michelle and Barack Obama in shape, including the eight years the former president served during his two terms in office at the White House.

The Obamas' personal trainer, who has been credited for shaping Michelle's signature arms, is showing others on how to work out like the former first lady with Master Class, a small group training session that includes a full 60-minute body workout along with 30 minutes of workout tips from fitness professionals to help keep your body fit.

"The first thing I try to do and what I try to do every day of my life is try to encourage people to be fit, try to encourage people to move and encourage people to be active," McClellan said.

He said he takes a holistic approach to training that encourages a balance of mind, body and spirit.

"I owned a gym in Chicago called Naturally Fit and they came to my gym," said McClellan. "[Michelle] came first. A friend of hers I had been training recommended myself. They came in, did a workout and the thing about finding the right trainer, there has to be a fit. There has to be something in kind. Your spirit has to be either a match or what your beliefs are. We seem to hit it off well. She likes to work out hard. I like to train hard."

A brand new fitness studio in Washington D.C. reached out to McClellan to teach one of his renown workout classes in the nation's capital. Fitness Snob Studio's concept is to provide fitness space for instructors such as McClellan to teach their classes.

"Fitness Snob Studio is all about providing a place for elite instructors to teach classes," said owner Kim Moore. "Independent instructors have been doing this in different places throughout the city, but it has not been built for fitness. You go to some of these places and they are charging you premium fees, but you don't have a nice bathroom or you are in the basement of some place. So we really wanted to provide a boutique studio field that independent fitness instructors can use."

For more information about the Obamas' trainer and Fitness Snob Studio, go to fitnesssnobstudio.com/cornell-mcclellan