Virginia Walmart shooting survivor files lawsuit for $50 million

A Walmart employee impacted by last week's fatal shooting filed a lawsuit against Walmart. 

Donya Prioleau says she submitted a complaint to Walmart about shooter Andre Bing's behavior more than two months before the shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia. She alleges that Walmart acknowledged her complaint, but continued to employ Bing. 

Prioleau is suing Walmart for $50 million in damages, alleging she was severely traumatized after witnessing her colleagues being killed at the hands of Bing. 

"While the cruelty of murdering six defenseless people is truly unimaginable, Ms. Prioleau alleges that she and her coworkers had been concerned for months that such an incident could occur at any time," said Prioleau's attorneys John Morgan and Peter Anderson. "Our client alleges Walmart acknowledged her written complaint alleging harassment but continued to employ the perpetrator. As workplace shootings and violence become horrifyingly common, employers have a responsibility to understand the warning signs and take threats seriously in order to protect their employees and customers." 

Prioleau says she was in the breakroom when Bing entered and shot and killed six people before turning the gun on himself. Walmart said in a statement that Bing was an overnight team leader and had been with the company since 2010.

Detectives found a "death note" on Bing's phone following the attack, according to Chesapeake city officials. 

"My true intent was never to murder anyone," reads the note in part. "I was actually one of the most loving people in the world in you would get to know me." 

The note also mentions feeling "harassed" by his co-workers and his phone being hacked.