Virginia school using AI technology to detect guns

A school in Virginia is using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify guns on its campus. 

The technology comes from the company Zero Eyes, which operates from an office in Arlington.

One school in Washington, Virginia, about 60 miles south of Arlington, is already using this technology. For security reasons, FOX 5 is not naming the school. 

Here's how it works: Zero Eyes' AI software acts as an overlay on existing security cameras in schools, sending an alert to the company whenever a firearm is detected on campus or at any client sites.

FOX 5 obtained a behind-the-scenes look at the hubs in Arlington where the company's staff, mostly retired military members, manage the alerts. They promptly inform local law enforcement and school administration about any firearm detection.

The pricing reportedly ranges from $20 to $50 per camera stream per month, depending on various factors like camera count, contract duration, infrastructure, and network. 

Regarding privacy concerns, the AI technology reportedly detects firearms and only firearms.