Virginia man honors Memorial Day with countryside display

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting all aspects of our daily lives, including canceling annual events around the world.

As Memorial Day approaches, one Northern Virginia man wants to make sure those who gave their lives to protect our freedom are still remembered with his own, handmade memorial.

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Dave Keuhner’s memorial in the Lovettsville countryside features a towering wooden cross with 400 American flags below.

The cross was made by a local organization called Flags of Valor and each flag below it, which represents a service member who lost their life, was purchased by a member of the public.

Keuhner comes from a military family and says, during this pandemic, it’s important to honor them as we would every Memorial Day. 

He says, “Someone has signed a blank check for their life to serve and their are no guarantees that they come back home and I feel it’s sort of part of our duty to do something to be able to honor them.”

In addition, Keuhner wants to honor the men and women serving our nation’s healthcare industry during the COVID-19 crisis, saying, they’re also risking their lives to protect us.

Keuhner’s goal is to have 1,000 flags displayed by Memorial Day, when he will read aloud the names of each fallen service member they represent. 

If you’d like to purchase a flag for the memorial, visit: