Virginia Gov. McAuliffe on immigration ban: Virginia is "open and welcoming to everybody"

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was at Dulles International Airport Saturday, where he criticized President Donald Trump's recent executive action that bans certain immigrants and refugees.

His speech came among growing fallout from President Trump's immigration crackdown as U.S. legal permanent residents and visa holders from seven Muslim-majority countries who had left the United States found they could not return for 90 days. On Saturday night, a New York federal district court judge granted an emergency stay blocking the detention or removal from the U.S. of those with valid visas covered by the ban.

Earlier Saturday, McAuliffe told the press that the executive action would "breed hatred toward our nation" and "toward Americans around the globe."

"We believe in vetting, and we believe in strong vetting," Gov. McAuliffe said. "But you have taken vetting to a new extreme."

The governor then went on to say that "this is not the United States of America that we know," concluding that "we here in Virginia are open and welcoming to everybody."