Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin calls out GOP after lackluster midterm results

The Republican Party won fewer congressional races than expected in Virginia and across the country. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is now calling on the GOP to move beyond just talking about problems, and instead campaign on how they'll fix problems.

Gov. Youngkin campaigned heavily for Republican candidates in both the 7th and 10th Congressional Districts, two districts where the Democratic incumbents were able to hold on to their seats.

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With the election over, Gov. Youngkin tells FOX 5 what voters want from both parties is results, not rhetoric.

"What I take away from this election is that these common-sense issues that are at the forefront of people around the dinner table are the issues that we have to come up with solutions to, and it’s that simple, and it’s what we did in Virginia last year," said Gov. Youngkin. 

This year, the Virginia governor has been traveling the country campaigning for Republicans nationwide. With the 2024 presidential race about to take shape, speculation has grown that Gov. Youngkin might decide to run for the White House.

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It's a question the governor doesn't rule out but doesn't embrace either.

"It’s a humbling conversation because I'm new at this, and two years ago I stepped out of my job and was trying to decide what I’d do next and if there was a place for me to represent Virginians and go to work for them, and I’ve said many times, ‘Thank you for hiring me,’ and, ‘I love this job,’ and I go to work with purpose and commitment and that’s where I’m going to keep my focus," Gov. Youngkin says.

While the presidential race isn't for two more years, the Virginia General Assembly returns in January, and that's where Gov. Youngkin says he's keeping his focus.