Virginia family devastated as thieves swipe $80,000 boat from Lorton marina

A Northern Virginia family is upset after thieves stole their boat from a marina in Fairfax County.

The heist was captured on surveillance video, but police are still searching for the suspects and the 2019 Yamaha 242X. 

Julie Wing and her husband Mark bought the boat around 5 years ago. They say it’s worth about $80,000. But that amount does not match the sentimental value.

Around midnight on Tuesday, the thieves drove to Captain John S. Beach Marina in Lorton, broke through a gate, and cut the trailer lock chain.

Other boats were docked there, but they knew exactly what they wanted. 

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Video shows the crooks hooking the boat up to their flatbed truck, and then driving away.

"It's so upsetting," Mrs. Wing said. "To them, it's just an object, but to us, this is our family boat. This is something that we worked hard to pay for and to use and to just have it stolen right from underneath us when we weren't expecting anything of this sort to happen is just very upsetting."

The owner of Captain John S. Beach Marina told FOX 5 that one boat was stolen in 2023. 

Since Tuesday, he's had to install more locks, strengthen the gate, and put up more surveillance cameras.

The Fairfax County Police Department wants anyone with information that can help them identify the suspects to contact them.