Viral parking hack sparks debate online: 'We've been doing it wrong the whole time'

Nobody likes a tight parking job.

A video on TikTok went viral for suggesting a new system for how drivers should use parking spaces. While the method would provide everyone enough space to get in and out of their cars, some argued that it wouldn’t solve the issue of some drivers not caring about how close they’ve parked to other cars.

A TikTok user named BigBruva posted footage he filmed in a parking lot to his account with the caption, "How to properly park in a parking space." In the video, he shows that every car in the lot is parked directly on the left line of the parking spot, as opposed to in the center.

This means that every car is evenly spaced, providing ample space on both sides for people to enter or exit the vehicles. A caption placed over the footage says "We’ve been doing it wrong the whole time."

In the footage, none of the cars have license plates on them and the narration says that it was filmed in a lot where GM trucks are picked up from, suggesting that the vehicles in this lot were all parked by the same person (or team of people).

Since posting the video, it has been viewed over 4.3 million times.

While many users agreed that this method would help, others seemed skeptical. One user wrote, "It only works if everyone did this, though, which would never happen."

Another user added, "It’s the exact same as everyone parking in the center."

In a follow-up video, BigBruva acknowledged that the idea wouldn’t work because people would make mistakes. He did defend it, however, as being different than just parking in the center. According to him, people have to guess the spacing when parking in the center whereas, in his version, drivers would know if they had parked on the line or not.

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