Vintage bourbon retails for $7k in Virginia

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority announced last week they’d be selling incredibly rare liquor in an extremely limited quantity.

The three were a set of the Buffalo Trace Distillery Prohibition Collection, which was $1,000, the Double Eagle Very Rare, which was $3,000 and the Weller Millenium, a $7,500 bottle of bourbon.

In the tweet last week, they didn’t give a date, time or location.

At 10 a.m. Tuesday, they gave customers a heads-up that they’d start selling them at 2 p.m.

It set off a bit of a frenzy.

FOX 5 spoke to the first woman in line at the line at the Springfield store who got the text at 10 and said she was in line by 10:10 a.m. and purchasing the Double Eagle Very Rare.

FOX 5 caught up with another man who got here 35 minutes before 2 to check out the scene. We broke it to him that there was already quite the line.

"I will still stand in line and make sure, if nobody gets the big one, I will," said Gary York.

York, like most, left empty-handed.

Across Virginia, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board had a total of 31 bottles of the three liquors available to the public across the whole state.

This Springfield store was the only one selling all three in Northern Virginia.

Despite the first three people being in line, each customer could only buy one bottle, dozens lined up behind them on the off chance there was an issue with the purchase of the person ahead of them.

Ujin Hur was in the middle of playing golf today when he got the text.

He left in the middle of the round to try and rush over to the Springfield store but didn’t make it in time.

"Right around the halfway point of my round. 8th hole, I said, you know, maybe there won’t be anybody there. I did the double take," Hur said.


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There are times the Virginia ABC will do a lottery, but in this situation, they made the 10 a.m. announcement for the 2 p.m. sale.

None of the three purchasers wanted to talk to Fox 5 on camera, but all insisted that off camera they would not be re-selling the bottles, some of which can sell for as much as three to five times what customers paid Tuesday.