Vigil to remember victims of domestic violence

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With hugs, tears and candles family and friends gathered at Suitland High School, to remember 22 year old Jalisa Walls-Harris.

She was a singer, a performer at heart, and someone who dreamed of being famous.

"My baby was not a victim of domestic violence. I taught her to love herself first. If it doesn't feel right, it's not right and you move on. And she lived by that," said Lashawn Harris, Jalisa's mother.

Although Harris was not in an abusive relationship, she still died as a result of domestic violence. Her half-sister, Tareeka Jones, was in a troubled relationship with Kevin Reynolds. Police say Reynolds killed both women earlier this week in Prince George's County, and then killed himself.

"I feel that my baby felt if she was there, that he wouldn't do that. Because she was there. You know? She just didn't think who's going to do that in front of some kids? But I know she didn't want to leave her," said Lashawn.

What makes it all worse, Reynolds was already behind bars on domestic assault charges, but Jones helped bail him out of jail. A few days later he killed the women.

"I really, I just can't believe, I can't believe that we're here. I can't believe that she's gone, I still just can't believe somebody would even hurt her," said Tiffany Hawkins, Jalisa's sister.

Friends and family say this violent act was unnecessary and they gathered to spread a message that love shouldn't hurt. They hope the tragic chain of events will educate people about domestic violence

A funeral for Harris is planned Thursday, beginning with a viewing at 10am and funeral to follow at 11am. At mt. Ennon Baptists Church in Clinton, MD.

There is also a go fund me account to help the family with funeral expenses.