Viewing solar eclipse without proper eye protection could cause blindness

With two days left before the solar eclipse, Dr. Shilpa Rose warns that viewing the eclipse without protection for your eyes could cause permanent blindness.

D.C. is not in the path of totality, which means the suns rays will never be obstructed, and you will need to view the eclipse using special glasses or a pinhole projector in order to protect your eyes.

It is important the glasses you use to protect your eyes are ISO certified. Normal sunglasses, 3D glasses from the theater, or even the glasses provided by your eye doctor after your eyes have been dilated will not work as sufficient protection from the sun's rays.

Libraries and optical shops will be passing out ISO certified glasses that can be used to safely view the eclipse.

If you are not able to find eclipse glasses, you could make a pinhole projector with paper, aluminum foil and a box.

Watch the video player above for more detailed instructions.