Video shows moments after two Lavonia officers were shot

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The body camera video from Monday's shooting of two Lavonia officers was released. It shows both the moments leading up to the shooting and the intense minutes following where officers and emergency officials come together to render aid.

Captain Michael Schulman's body camera captured the whole incident. It started when he and Officer Jeffery Martin stopped a car at the Zaxby's along Jones Street just off of Interstate 85. Police said the video shows Khari Anthony Dashaun Gordon, 22, of Greenville S.C., standing near the car between the two officers as dispatch run a search on the car and driver's license.

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More than once, Captain Schulman could be heard asking Gordon to keep his hands out of his pockets. Moments later, Captain Schulman, who was hurt the worst during the shooting was on the ground, having been shot to his shoulder just under his bullet proof vest, shattering his ribs and puncturing his lungs.

Quickly responding to the shooting, friend and colleague, Officer Josh Akin can be seen running to the captain's aid as Schulman calls in his own shooting to dispatch. Akin helps Schulman to the back of his patrol car and calls for EMS.

"I'm going to bleed out man," Captain Schulman can be heard saying in the video.

"You're not going to bleed out yelling," Officer Akin replies back to him.

It was a scene showing the true mettle of these first responders.

"I started trying to get everything off of him, his belt so he could breathe easier and also so we could see the wound, just trying to get to actual wound to see damage that was done," said Akins.

Officer Akins and others worked on Schulman until more help arrived, every few seconds reassuring Schulman he was going to be okay.

"Alright Michael, hang in there, we got you, we got you, we got you," said Akins.

EMTs arrived, but it wasn't any easier on them, they too know the injured officers.

"It changes role a little bit, some emotion comes into play but still you have a job to do," said Ben White, Franklin County EMT.

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White, Brandon Gibson, and John Bruce were three of the four first paramedics on scene.

"We're a public safety family. Around here we're pretty tight," said White.

Officer Akin said he never once thought his friend wouldn't make it, and said Captain Schuluman wasn't even supposed to be working that night, but stepped up because Officer Akin injured his leg in a foot chase a week ago.

"It would have usually been me and officer martin doing the traffic stop, and that night there would have only been two of us, so it just happened there was three of us that night because of a foot pursuit," said Akin. "I really am just confident God's got his hands on us."

Officials said both officers are doing well.

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