Video shows children vandalizing cars in Southeast DC neighborhood

Surveillance video shows several children vandalizing a car and throwing a brick at another in a Southeast DC neighborhood while the victim questions whether pressure to take it easy on children suspected of committing crimes is why the children weren't interviewed.

Michael Johnson said the incident happened Saturday night on Ivey Place Southeast.

Johnson says about 7 p.m. on Saturday his surveillance cameras caught a group of children walking by. One is seen throwing a brick at his neighbor's car. Another appears to run something sharp down the side of Johnson's car, before the group runs away.

Johnson called police and he says when an officer responded, he told him officers have gotten pressure to go easier on young people suspected of minor crimes.

It comes just days after a video went viral of DC Police handcuffing a 10-year-old who ended up being cleared as a suspect in an armed robbery of another child. Police Chief Peter Newsham admitted Saturday the officers could have used better judgement regarding their decision to handcuff the child.

Johnson sent an e-mail complaining to First District Commander Morgan Kane that the officer didn't interview the suspects who were still on scene.

"[The officer] said listen, the city council has been really pressuring the department to take it easy on these young juveniles," said Johnson.

Kane responded, saying the officer's information that they had been instructed to go easy on juveniles was incorrect.

Johnson says since a detective has followed up with him and police are trying to identify the children involved in the vandalism.

"Actually when I was a child I was a delinquent. I've been there done that. Thankfully I saw the error of my ways and corrected my lifestyle and a big part of that happened because there was times I suffered the consequences of my actions," said Johnson.