Astro Skate Brandon fight: Video shows violence leading to dozens of arrests

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has released social media and bodycam videos showing the large gathering in Brandon that erupted into a fight causing damage to multiple businesses on Saturday night.

Deputies arrested a total of 23 juveniles and six adults after responding to Astro Skate off West Robinson Street.

HCSO says a crowd of about 400–500 people gathered in the area when the fight began.

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"I'm utterly outraged by that type of behavior. It is anarchy. It is chaos," said HCSO Chief Deputy Joseph Maurer. "This disruptive, chaotic behavior that affects the safety of our community has no bearing here. This is unwarranted. This will not be tolerated."

Social media videos from witnesses provided to FOX 13 by the sheriff's office show repeated punching and hair pulling, along with a teenager getting beaten and kicked through a window at Time Out Barbershop off Brandon Boulevard. Deputies said damage at that business alone totaled $1,200.

HCSO says the person was injured at the barber shop went to the hospital with a severe cut on his hand.

There was also about $500 worth of damage reported at a nearby 7-Eleven, according to the sheriff's office.


Deputies say it all began after a planned after-party was canceled by Astro Skate because the host group did not hire an off-duty deputy for security, which the business requires.

According to Maurer, people associated with the party went on social media and urged people to go to the business anyway, riot and confront law enforcement.

"If I had a magic button that I could press and say there were no issues, down the block, up the block, across the street, I would press it 10 times," the business's owner, Chris Maganias, told FOX 13 Monday, adding he puts much of the blame on the parents who weren't there. "There's only so much I can control, you know what I'm saying? And we have to hold some parents accountable, dude, because I'll tell you one thing: My child doesn't walk around in the dark at age 14 or 15 years old."

Law enforcement warned the crowd to leave the area multiple times, but fighting and theft continued, according to investigators.

The six adult suspects include:

  • Lekera Evans, 32
  • Yazelynn Ramos, 21
  • Malik Carter, 20
  • Jadyn Sebro, 18
  • Aliyah Alfonso, 18
  • Fareed Carter, 18

Courtesy: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

They each face trespassing charges, while Sebro and Ramos are also charged with disorderly conduct. Evans faces a charge of resisting arrest.

Deputies said they'll try to determine who instigated the riot through online posts and whether other individuals can be identified in videos and charged.

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