VIDEO: Passenger assaulted by group of juveniles on Metro train

Call it a sign of the times. A commuter was ambushed on Metro all while a bystander recorded the attack and posted the confrontation on Facebook.

It all reportedly happened Sunday night on the Orange Line.

We showed the video to Metro rider Judy Heward during her commute home to Vienna.

"That is very scary," she said. "That will make me and other people think because occasionally I do go downtown in the evening."

She added, "That's horrible and there was nobody there to stop it."

FOX 5 did not see any Metro Transit Police during our ride from Metro Center to Rosslyn and back to Metro Center.

We asked Heward and other Metro riders when was the last time they saw a Metro Transit Police officer.

"I don't remember," she responded. "I honestly don't remember. I'm sure I have, but there aren't enough of them."

"I haven't seen any Metro police officers," said Virginia Shearer. " I was riding on Sunday coming in from Atlanta and it was a really busy day I thought, but I wasn't concerned."

"Probably earlier this week," said Paul Shaw, a Northeast D.C. resident. "They seem to be at my station close to my house pretty regularly."

Metro Transit Police would agree with Shaw. They insist they are on site and in plain clothes in some cases.

So far, the video showing Sunday's attack has nearly 40,000 views and counting on Facebook.

This attack is the second of its kind in as many months.

Metro Transit Police told FOX 5 they are aware of the incident and those involved are juveniles. The incident is under investigation.