VIDEO: Package theft suspect appears to be wearing ankle monitoring device

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It is a problem just about everywhere -- you have a package delivered to your home and it is left on the front door step, but before you are able to bring it inside, someone takes it.

In one Capitol Hill neighborhood where it has been happening, one neighbor caught it all on his security camera and you won't believe what else he saw -- an ankle monitoring device on the suspect.

It happened in mid-July, and in the video, you can see a man back up to the gate, look around and then come onto the property.

"The crook is so worried about it," said the victim. "Why can't someone just follow the GPS around? You can see these people. It happens with such frequency."

The victim asked us to hide his identity because the suspect is on the loose. But he told us package theft is a huge problem.

What is hard to believe is the person who police are calling a person of interest is wearing what appears to be an ankle monitoring device. This victim said he saw the same man on the street a few days later with the ankle device still attached.

"It's a real sense of invasion of privacy when someone comes up to your front porch and steals a package," said D.C. Councilmember Charles Allen.

He has stepped in and encouraged police to get this security video out to the public. And a month after the crime happened, D.C. police finally put it on their YouTube page.

"In working with the detective, [the victim] was frustrated in not getting the type of response that he wanted, and then he pointed out that it looks pretty clear that this guy even has an ankle bracelet on," said Allen.

When the victim asked police why not just track down the person of interest using the electronic device, here is what they told him.

"The detective told me that they tried to search for this person, but there was no record of ankle bracelets being monitored by the District of this person," the victim said. "That it must be coming from another jurisdiction."

The victim said he spent several hundred dollars on his camera and his neighbors are thinking about getting cameras too.

Last week, Councilmember Allen said he is coming up with a plan to help residents purchase security camera with tax incentives or rebates.