Video of Fairfax County park deadly confrontation released

Newly released cellphone video shows the frightening moments of a deadly confrontation between a former Fairfax County parks employee and a wedding caterer.

Kempton Bonds, 20, was found not guilty in the death of 35-year-old Tyonne Johns on Wednesday following a mistrial in the summer.

Bonds' defense attorney said the video played a critical role in his case which he said proved his client stabbed Johns in self-defense. The video shows Johns approaching Bonds moments before she was stabbed at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park in Chantilly, Virginia on Aug. 6, 2016.

"You must be from out here? That's where you from because I'm gonna knock you out. You think I'm playing," Johns can be heard saying in the video.

The stabbing took place off camera, but in the recording you can hear a scuffle and then Johns stating she was stabbed as Bonds yells out for police.

"Stay away from me. Stay away from me," Bonds is heard saying in the video.

The video is about eight-minutes long and shows people cleaning up before the confrontation. The dispute was reportedly over chairs during the clean-up after the wedding.

During the trial, Bonds said he was in fear of losing his life as Johns attacked and choked him. The 20-year-old was working the grounds at a wedding in the park where Johns was working as a caterer. Bonds' attorney said his client has faced multiple attacks on social media since the confrontation.

"He has been attacked viciously in social media. He's been called a racist and all sorts of things that border on downright threats," Peter Greenspun, Bonds' attorney said.