VIDEO: Motorcycle, ATV riders disrupt Beltway traffic

Dozens of people riding motorcycles, dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles caused havoc for many drivers on the Beltway in Maryland Sunday afternoon.

For nearly six minutes, one driver on the way home to North Carolina recorded these riders shutting traffic down on a stretch between Route 202 and Central Avenue in Prince George's County.

"Everybody was furious at that point, blowing horns and everything, and then they got really smug," said Troy Bailey.

She was worried she would end up in a wreck because of the bikes.

"I could have literally hurt him or hurt myself or hurt someone behind me because of their negligence and I was furious," she said. "I'd just seen them on the other side of the street. But yesterday, I was literally in the mix, involved and I feared for my life."

In the video, the smoke from burnouts is evident. Bikers were seen riding on the side of their vehicle. Another rider even filmed the scene on a cell phone while operating a motorcycle on the roadway. Dozens were also seen popping wheelies.

"These folks on the motorcycles need to think a little more before they go out there and do these things that frankly I think are stupid," said Prince George's County Fire Chief Marc Bashoor.

He also added, "I'm afraid that it's going to take some of these young folks having to go to the morgue themselves to identify family members or having to be the one knocking on the door to tell someone that their loved one is dead before it really sinks in."

The woman who shot the video said in all six minutes, she never saw police presence. The scary encounter ended with the riders turning around and driving against traffic.

"If they want to be negligent - fine. If they want to hurt themselves - fine. But they are now putting us in danger as drivers," said Bailey.

A 29-year-old man riding on an ATV in Capitol Heights died and a teenage girl was seriously injured following a collision with an SUV. ATVs are prohibited on the streets of Prince George's County.