VIDEO: Fight breaks out at MGM National Harbor casino during opening night

The grand opening of the MGM National Harbor has been an overwhelming success, according to casino officials, but it hasn't been without a bump in the road.

An MGM spokesperson confirmed that a fight broke out inside the casino during opening night after several videos from the altercation were posted online.

In one video posted on Instagram, you can see several men punching and kicking a person on the ground and another man putting someone in what appears to be a headlock or hold. At one point, someone also lifts a chair in the air.

"Any time you get a lot of people together, there is a possibility you are going to run into some problems," said MGM Resorts spokesperson Gordon Absher. "We had a minor altercation last night. I think the only reason people are talking about it is because somebody caught it on camera. It was something that lasted just mere seconds. The people were apprehended and held. Things were sorted out. One person was sent for medical attention and the other two were held and then released because [there were] no charges."

The fight did not interrupt operations at the casino and resort, according to the spokesperson.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 people have come to the casino during the first 24 hours since MGM National Harbor's grand opening.