VIDEO: Cellphone video shows a man rolling back and forth under moving train

CHANNELVIEW, Texas - Unbelievable video shows a man jumping and rolling back and forth under a moving train.

Cesar Renteria filmed the incident outside of his car-wash in Channelview, Texas and says it was heart-stopping to watch.

In the video, the man repeatedly dives onto the tracks, then back out between sets of wheels all while under a fast-moving Pacific Union train.

Apparently, it isn't the first time the man has tried his luck with this stunt.

In the video drivers can be seen honking and yelling trying to get him to stop. But instead, he just points at them and keeps rolling under the train.

Railroad company officials say one wrong move could cause a possible derailment, and they're pleading with the man to stop.

"This is never a game. You're taking your life and the lives of others in your hands," said Jeff Degraff of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Union Pacific says the man could be ticketed if he's caught doing it again.