VIDEO: ATV rider taunts police officer on Maryland highway

Police are investigating after video posted online shows an ATV rider taunting a Maryland police officer while driving recklessly on a local roadway. The incident took place on Pennsylvania Avenue and Parkland Drive in District Heights, Md.

Posted on social media over the weekend, the video shows a male ATV rider getting dangerously close to, and cutting off, a Prince George's County Police cruiser.

The video follows the rider as he slows in front of the cruiser while performing stunts. He then races ahead at a high rate of speed. The person behind the camera can be heard shouting at the rider to perform certain stunts - like riding without hands.

After pulling ahead of the officer at the Parkland Drive intersection, the ATV rider cuts across traffic to get back on to Pennsylvania Avenue and races off.

Police in Prince George's County have a 'no-chase' policy when dealing with ATVs and dirt bikes.

Just last April, D.C. police announced a major crack down on the illegal riders and on Wednesday, FOX 5 asked D.C. Police and Prince George's Police exactly how many arrests have been made and how many bikes have been taken off the street since that crack down. Officials were unable to give us exact numbers, but they did tell us that progress has been made and the public has helped them identify and confiscate ATV's and dirt bikes.

At this time the driver in the video has not been identified and no charges have been filed.

Anyone who can help police identify the driver is asked to contact them at 301-772-4420.