Veteran with PTSD wins battle to buy work dog

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Bobby Kling and his explosive detection-trained dog Silox are back together after about a month apart.

FOX 5 first reported on Kling's struggle to purchase Silox at the beginning of the month. Kling was awarded the Purple Heart and served his country on two tours in the Middle East. Since coming back home, he has battled post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and symptoms from a traumatic brain injury.

Kling and Silox worked and lived together for more than three years until Kling took a new job. The company he worked for has allowed handlers to purchase dogs that are aging or have medical issues in the past, but originally Inter-Con Security, a government contractor, denied Kling's request to buy Silox.

Kling told FOX 5 his bond with Silox helps him with his ongoing symptoms of PTSD.

After FOX 5's story, the company had a change of heart, and Silox and Kling have been together for the past two weeks.

Kling says Silox is enjoying retirement and a bit more reluctantly, the company of a new puppy. Kling's wife didn't think they would get the chance to buy Silox, so she surprised her husband with a new puppy named Mattis. Now they are a family of five, including three dogs.

"He came back a little bit weird at first," Kling said. "He wasn't used to being back in a home. He was used to the kennel life and stuff, but I think retirement suits him."