Va. mother seeks driver in hit-and run of her 5-year-old son

A 5-year-old Reston boy is in the hospital after a car ran over him and took off. It happened in the parking lot of an apartment building Monday night. Now, his mother is pleading for help to track down the driver.

Kenny Johnson is expected to recover. The young boy was released from the hospital on Tuesday, but went back Wednesday after struggling with a concussion and other injuries.

A driver hit him on the property of the West Glade Apartments and kept on going.

"I thought he was dead," said Kenny's mother, Erica Somers. "I really did. I thought he was dead and I couldn't go near him."

Witnesses say a vehicle in the apartment community parking lot backed into Kenny and kept on driving. A family friend saw the whole thing happen.

The force of the collision knocked Kenny into the air and out of his shoes. His mother found him unconscious and bleeding from his nose and mouth. His bicycle was damaged.

"At one point, [the bicycle] was under the car," said Somers.

She is frustrated and wants police to move quickly. Fairfax County police say they are investigating some leads.

Somers hopes investigators find the suspect soon. In the meantime, her questions remain unanswered.

"If you heard a big boom or people screaming, why wouldn't you stop? Why would you keep going?" Somers told us. "You know you hit something if somebody is screaming. If it was a person or somebody else's car, you still need to get out and make sure everything is okay. You just don't keep going. They knew what they were doing."

Witnesses say the driver was in a silver vehicle.

Police say they have some leads, but always encourage anyone with information to come forward.