Va. mom launches on-demand car care valet service

Who likes to take their car to the auto repair shop? While you can have your groceries delivered or your coffee brought to you at work these days, there are even services that allow you to order an iPhone or Mac computer and they will pick it up and deliver it.

But now, a busy Virginia mother has created a service that will take that visit to the auto repair shop out of the mix.

"There are studies that show people would rather go to the dentist than get their car fixed," said Julie Holmes.

While her family owns Virginia Tire and Auto, she doesn't just get it because she is in the car business. She gets it because she is a working mother of four. Her title alone should tell you that she is a very busy person.

Holmes came up with an idea to launch an on-demand car care valet. It is the first of its kind in the D.C. metro region.

"Aimed at the busy professional or the mom who doesn't want to cart all the kids off to the auto repair store," said Holmes.

Her idea is to use the valet for any car issue - emergency repair or scheduled maintenance.

"They would rather spend their time doing other things - spending time with their kids, doing errands, whatever they need to do," she said.

The latest iteration in the on-demand market is VTA Valet, which serves the Northern Virginia area.

"They can go online, make an appointment that is convenient for them - pick a time - and from there, we coordinate from the appointment and send a valet to their preferred pickup address anywhere in Northern Virginia," Holmes explained.

They will even provide a loaner vehicle if you need one. Your car then goes in for service at one of their Virginia Tire and Auto facilities - a full service shop.

You can track it online, get status updates, and when it is done, they bring it back.

How much for this service? $15.

VTA Valet launched on June 1. They are hoping to take the service to Maryland and possibly Washington D.C. by the fall. For more information, go to