Va. man wins $2.5 million lottery grand prize while waiting for car to be repaired

There is a well-known phrase that says, "Good things come to those who wait." For one Virginia man, this was definitely the case.

John Johns was in Alexandria waiting for his car being serviced in the shop when he walked over to a nearby 7-Eleven store on Richmond Highway for a cup of coffee. While he was there, he also bought a scratch-off ticket.

When he played his ticket, he found that he had won the top prize in the "$2,500,000 Cash Winfall game."

"I had to look two or three times to make sure," Johns said. "I just put the ticket in my pocket and left the store."

Johns received his winning check on Thursday at the store he bought his ticket. The Arlington man chose the one-time cash option of his $2.5 million prize and he will receive $1,351,351 before taxes.

Johns told the Virginia Lottery he has no immediate plans for his winnings, but possibly will take a vacation in the future.