Utilities ordered back on at Lynnhill Condos

The lights went back on Friday night at a Maryland condo building after the power was turned off earlier this week. The Maryland Public Service Commission ordered the utility companies to resume service at the Lynnhill Condo Complex in Temple Hills.

The condo management company is responsible for paying the utilities for the building, but they were way behind on the bill-- by more than $1 million.

The electricity and gas were turned off earlier this week, forcing residents to leave their homes. But on Friday, both Pepco and Washington Gas were ordered to turn their service back on because residents weren't given enough notice, as required by law. The attorney general's office is involved, stating the termination notices were first provided on Monday, stating the utilities would be turned off as soon as the next day. By law, customers must receive at least 14 days notice.

FOX 5's Sarah Simmons reported power was slowly coming back on, but that authorities said it would be longer before residents would have their gas service restored, as it's a safety concern.

FOX 5 spoke to residents Friday night who were happy to have the lights back on, but they say they're still upset about how the situation went down.

All week, the county has been providing assistance for families. Even though residents are glad to have their utilities back on again, they say they expect some lawsuits to come as a result of the situation.

Yesterday, a judge allowed Lynnhill residents more time to move from their units, but said they would have to do so without power.