Untreated sidewalks, refreeze lead school districts to announce closings, delays

There are many reasons why several school districts in Virginia have decided to cancel classes on Wednesday. One of those reasons is likely the sidewalks.

Many roads have been plowed, but many kids walk to and from school or also wait for the school buses out on these sidewalks. Officials say they don't want anyone slipping and falling and hurting themselves.

However, it appears these sidewalks are not getting cleared any time soon. We spoke to the Virginia Department of Transportation on Tuesday and they say sidewalks are an ongoing problem because they don't clear them and neither does the county, so when it comes to snow, it virtually just has to melt on its own.

VDOT says they worked hard to clear the roads and the school bus routes because they thought there would be school on Tuesday.

We caught up with student and parents here in Prince William County and they think it was the right call for the majority of the school districts in this area to either cancel classes or call for a delay.

"Since I drive to school every day, it's probably safer for me to be off the roads, especially with the parking lots covered with snow and ice," said one Prince William County high school student we spoke with. "It looks like an ice skating rink to be honest. So I think it's safer that way, but it does cut back on our school work."

Now the list of schools canceled or delayed for Wednesday has been growing. You can view the full list here: http://www.myfoxdc.com/category/239079/closings