Unpaid tax bill scammer targets Frederick County resident

Authorities in Frederick County say a scammer targeted a Green Valley resident last month with a fraud scheme concerning alleged unpaid taxes.

Deputies say the resident received a letter, designed to appear like an official document, directing the person to pay several thousands of dollars in outstanding tax debts.

The resident recognized the letter was a fraud and contacted authorities.

"This is just one of the many frauds we are seeing in Frederick County," said Sgt. Jeff Hyatt in a statement. "We want our residents to know of other frauds going on and that if you ever believe you are being scammed to contact your local law enforcement entity immediately."

Some of the Other Most Common Frauds Include:

- Anyone asking/demanding you to give them gift cards, pre-paid credit or debit cards, wire transfers, and/or cryptocurrency.

You or a loved one…

- Have a warrant

- Car registered in your name found near border with drugs/guns/blood

- Family member was in crash/hospital/legal trouble and needs money to avoid charges

- Family member kidnapped.

- You receive a call regarding an active arrest warrant for missing jury duty.

- You receive a call, and they reference a name of an actual deputy/police officer from your local law enforcement agency and state you need to pay a fee for service.

Things to Remember About Frauds & Fraud Artists:

- All frauds have a sense of urgency – if you do not act now, something bad will happen

- The suspect will typically tell you not to contact the police or family

- Remember, SLOW DOWN, THINK, do not let them rush you

- Call a trusted family member or the Frederick County nonemergency number at 301-600-2071, to tell them what is happening if you think something is suspicious.

- Law Enforcement agencies will NEVER as for money or restitution to resolve an incident.

If you have experienced a fraud or have any information, contact authorities at 301-600-1046.