Unexpected Police Encounter: DC officer plays ball with musicians

DC artist Ceo Son Son and other DC artists were shooting a music video at a basketball court on Georgia Ave NW when a DC police officer showed up they assumed it was bad news, they didn't expect what happened next.

"We [saw] a cop come up and we got all nervous and stuff, like aw man they're about to shut us down or whatever. So the cop came up and he's basically like, opening his arms, like 'nah I want to play.' Know what I'm saying?" said DC artist CEO Son Son.

In this video shot by CEO Son Son (twitter / Instagram @ceosonson) you can see the dc officer in uniform, shooting hoops with the group and having a blast!

"We was balling with the kids having fun. We see a cop pull up, we thought we were about to get pressed out you know," said Solo, another artist that was with the group.

But instead of shutting their shoot down, they say the officer was even in the music video!

"It actually shocked me it gave me a great insight, you know, outlook on cops now. You know, cause it's like, you know we were expecting him to shut us down, tell us all to go home. But when he actually came and played over with us, I was like man you know that's a good look on all the MPD that's in DC ," Said CEO Son Son.

Ceo Son Son and the other artists said they don't even know the officer's name! He came and went, and they continued shooting the music video.

But they're happy this happened and from now on they'll have a more positive attitude about encounters with cops because of the actions of one DC officer and they wanted to share their story.