Uber, Lyft ride prices could increase at DCA, IAD airports

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is proposing an increase in the fees it charges for Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing services which pick up and drop off at the D.C.-area airports.

An MWAA committee will review the proposal Wednesday, which would have to be approved by the MWAA president and CEO.

If passed, the fee will jump 25 percent, from $4 to $5 and the charge would likely be passed along to consumers.

Both Uber and Lyft told FOX 5 they were opposed to the fee increase.

“Uber has raised serious concerns with MWAA for months around this proposed fee increase. DCA and IAD are going to have among the highest airport fees in the country. MWAA’s proposed fees would be a 25 percent increase for customers, but users will not see any appreciable improvement to their experience at those airports," said a spokesperson for Uber.

"Increasing rideshare fees, without applying any proposal equitably to all ground transportation services, will make rideshare less affordable for riders and reduce earning opportunities for drivers. We are hopeful that MWAA leaders will reexamine the proposed fee increase and identify better solutions for riders, drivers, and airport officials," a spokesperson from Lyft said.

In its presentation, MWAA argues it has lost millions in parking revenue to rideshare services and that the extra traffic has increased congestion.

If the proposal passes, it would take effect in January.