Uber, Lyft drivers to strike Wednesday across U.S. over declining wages, worker protections

Uber and Lyft drivers are planning to strike Wednesday in major metropolitan areas across the country, including the DC region. So what are they asking for and how do officials think it will impact our area?

On Tuesday, FOX 5 spoke with a few drivers in the area who said they actually do not plan to strike, but near Reagan National Airport, where so many people rely on Uber and Lyft for pickup and drop off, there may certainly be an impact.

Along with declining wages and no worker protections, rideshare drivers are complaining about the lack of healthcare and paid time off. In some cities, they will be striking only during the morning rush -- others, the whole day.

Here in the D.C. region, there is nothing set in stone. The local organization Drive United says it hasn't exactly called for a strike but is supporting one.

A protest and rally will take place outside of Reagan National around 8:30 p.m., so travelers: beware. It's possible you could be looking at surge pricing and longer wait times all day long.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority tells FOX 5 both Reagan and Dulles International airports are working with taxi dispatch teams to have extra cabs available. They are also encouraging travelers to use Metro to get to and from the airports. Metro says it will have extra trains and buses at the ready.

A Lyft spokesperson says drivers hourly earnings have increased over the last two years.

Uber has not responded to FOX 5's request for comment but told The Washington Post that thousands of people come into work at Uber every day focused on how to make their lives better and they will continue working on ways to improve the experience for drivers.