Uber driver fights off carjackers in DC

An Uber driver tells FOX 5 the harrowing story of how he fought off several suspects Monday and dodged bullets to avoid being carjacked. 

The Uber driver, who goes by Christian, asked FOX 5 not to reveal his identity because he is concerned for his safety. 

He says he was on his way to pick up "Liyah" on 3rd Street Southeast Monday around 9:45 p.m. when four guys — all covered in black — hopped in and told him to get out of his 2021 Toyota SUV. 

Uber driver shot at during attempted carjacking in Southeast DC

Christian says he would’ve given up his truck if he’d seen guns. 

But instead, he pulled away and says that’s when they began shooting. One suspect was apparently shot by their buddy, a bullet went into the dashboard, and Christian says the two guys in the back jumped out. 

The Uber driver says he attempted to speed off but the suspect, who was shot in the arm, was still in the passenger seat.

Christian says a struggle ensued, and he fought to hold back the suspect from reaching for a gun.

D.C. police arrested a 16-year-old after the teen showed up to the hospital seeking treatment.

"They are crazy," Christian said. "Those guys would’ve killed me … There are so many things they can do to get money rather than hang on the street to hijack cars. They are risking their lives."

Christian says he’s not ready to drive yet, but won’t drive at night anymore. 

He is also concerned about the customers who would suffer if more drivers do the same or reject rides in certain neighborhoods.

This victim wants more drivers to be aware of what’s going on in the area, admitting he himself didn’t really know how serious the carjacking issue is in the region.

Uber said they removed the rider's access to the platform, and they’re grateful their driver wasn’t injured in what they called a "chilling attack." 

In a statement, Uber says: "We take the safety of drivers seriously, and we’re constantly leveraging technology to introduce new safety features for riders and drivers which include an in-app emergency button, the ability to share your trip status with a loved one, and, just recently, Live Help from a safety agent."

Christian says more needs to be done.