Uber and Metro consider partnership that could help passengers save on Uber rides

Uber is considering teaming up with Metro to offer its riders deep discounts. In this proposed partnership, riders taking uberPOOL to or from these Metro stations would receive 70 percent off their trip.

"Stations that have taxi stands like Union Station, stations in the suburbs that have Kiss and Ride lanes, they would be the stations on this yet-to-be released list of 42 Metro stations that would be perfect for this partnership," said FOX 5 contributor and WAMU transportation reporter Martin Di Caro.

This potential collaboration between the ride-sharing service and the transit system could be a game-changer because two-thirds of Uber rides in Washington D.C. already start or end at a Metro station, according to Di Caro. Metro looks to benefit from this deal in an attempt to help boost ridership that has dropped over the years.

This team up could also pose a problem for taxicab drivers working in D.C.

"How about the 8,000 taxis in here who have families, who have mortgages, who have so many responsibilities," said cab driver Johannes Kevede. "Uber is doing it in the name without having any cars, but individual cars. It's okay to work everybody, but it's unfair for us."

"I usually take the bus from the Metro to where I work and then back, but if I miss that bus, then I have to take an Uber," said commuter Saige Simpson. "It would definitely entice me to take Uber, but I'm worried that that may be a problem for the bus system."

An Uber spokesperson told FOX 5 that details are still being worked out and there is no timeline for the rollout.

A spokesperson for the District's Department of For-Hire Vehicles pointed out shared riding from Metro stations at a reduced rate is already being done by taxis.