U.S. Marshals hunt for alleged attempted rapist from Alexandria

Police are asking for the public's help in finding 63-year-old Estanislao Alfaro. He is identified as a "dangerous fugitive," according to police.

Alfaro is wanted for attempted rape of a child under the age of 13, and animate object sexual penetration, according to The U.S. Marshals and Commonwealth of Virginia.

According to police the incident took place inside the victim's home located in the 3900 block of Mount Vernon Ave. in Alexandria, Va.

On Dec. 11, 2013 around 4 a.m., a young girl went to use the restroom inside her apartment home, according to officials.

When she exited the bathroom Alfaro pulled her to the ground, took off her shorts, inserted his finger into her vagina, and got on top of her, according to officials. The girl began making noise by slamming her hands on the ground to wake her father, police said. Once the father awoke, Alfaro ran out of the building heading towards the intersection of Russell Road and Executive Drive.

Alfaro was a friend of the child's father and resided in the living room of their apartment, according to United States Marshals Service.

Police say they have made apprehending Alfaro a priority. They believe he is still in the Alexandria, Arlington area, though they say he allegedly has personal ties to Texas. Alfaro is identified by police as a Hispanic male from El Salvador. They say he stands at 5'4" and weighs about 170 pounds. Officials say he has short grey hair, brown eyes and a small scar under his right eye, as well as a scar on his left hand.

Anyone with information on Alfaro that will directly lead to his arrest may be eligible for a cash reward, according to officials.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the nearest U.S. Marshals office or the U.S. Marshals Service Communications Center at 1-800-336-0102, or email: usms.wanted@usdoj.gov.