Two teens missing after forbidden to date

The search is on for two young teens from the Houston area.

Jeremy Ogden and Halie Journet went missing on Sunday. For days, their parents have been worried sick. The Atascocita Middle School students were forbidden to date and now they have disappeared.

"Call anybody that can tell us you're safe," pleads Jeremy's mother Toni as she wipes tears. "I just want to know you're OK."

Toni realized early on Sunday morning that her 13-year old son Jeremy was gone and so was his girlfriend Halie. The two of them apparently took off in his sister's 2015 Nissan Altima.

"Neither one of them have ever driven a car before," explains Toni. "They don't have any money on them. They don't have phones on them."

"Halie is very sheltered," says her mother Erica Journet. "She wouldn't know how to do a lot of things. I definitely think someone is working with them. The scary part is who."

"I just don't want them to get desperate and feel like they have to do something extreme," adds Halie's father Palo.

Jeremy's older brother, who was in the U.S. Army and stationed at Fort Hood, took his own life in July.

"That's been extremely hard on us and now my baby's missing and I don't know where he is," says Toni as she tries to hold back tears.

Before the two middle school students went missing, Jeremy had his phone privileges taken away and Halie's parents put an end to the teens' relationship.

"I have your back," says Palo. "No matter what has happened, what's going on, you can reach out and know that we're going to help you through whatever is going on."

The parents are pleading for their children to come home and they are certainly hoping for a positive outcome, not a tragic one like the forbidden love story most of us are familiar with.

"I pray not, I pray not," adds Toni. "I do know when he left, he packed a backpack and took clothes, so I feel like he was planning on going somewhere, them being together."

Halie's parents say it does not appear she packed a bag. Her toothbrush, new school clothes and shoes are still at home. The teens left in the dark gray Altima with paper license tages and a cheetah print license plate cover.