Two friends who met at a school race riot reunite after 38 years

In 1975 two junior high schoolers befriended each other during a race riot and were recently reunited after 38 years!

Deitrice "Dee Dee" Willard-Ruffi and Jane Brosnahan Luke met during a race riot in the halls of Glasgow Junior High School.

"I ran into a Caucasian girl who asked me to walk her to class because we were in the middle of a race riot at our school and she was afraid. I did it so she could stay safe and from that we became good friends." Deitrice told FOX 5.

Jane went on to introduce Dee Dee to her parents and their friendship blossomed! But when they graduated from J.E.B Stuart High School, now named Justice High School, in 1980, the pair went their separate ways and never saw or heard from each other again.

Dee Dee told FOX 5 she never forgot about Jane and her memory lived on in her heart.

And Jane probably felt the same way too because through the power of social media, she found Dee Dee on Facebook and reconnected with her!

The pair reunited after 38 years with each other's grandchildren and with Jane's mother and family.

"I believe you judge people by the content of their character NOT by the color of their skin," Dee Dee told FOX 5.

Their story is the true definition of love knows no color!

Dee Dee says they plan on seeing each other more often and will NEVER separate again.