Two dogs stabbed to death in North Fort Worth

Police are working leads to find the person responsible for stabbing two dogs to death in one night in a Fort Worth neighborhood.

One family found their beloved Mastiff named Oso dead in the backyard. They think a threatening note days before may be connected.

Police say they are anxious to catch the person responsible before any other dog or possibly a person gets hurt.

Ruth Soto says she could not believe it when she found her dog, Oso, dead by her fence in their yard.

"I heard him crying, whining really bad, around 10 or 10:30," she recalled.

Soto heard Oso's cries Tuesday evening. But she did not discover what had happened until the next day. She called Fort Worth police to investigate.

"They said when they flipped him over, he was stabbed so many times that they stopped counting," Soto said.

A week before the killing, Soto says a note was left on her door that said, "Please move your dog away from my fence line. I can't have your dog bark at me every time I go in my backyard. Do not go to my house to speak to me."

Soto gave the note to police.

A knife was lying next to the 200-pound dog.

"It wasn't just a dog," Soto said. "He was part of our family. He didn't have to do that."

Tracy Carter, a spokesperson for the Fort Worth Police Department, says a neighbor's Husky was also killed the same night.

"Someone came home, went to their backyard and saw that their dog had been bludgeoned in the backyard," Carter said. "They tried to actively follow that person. That person got away from them."

Carter says they are taking the cases seriously.

"To me, this was a heinous crime," she said. "We want to get this guy off the streets. We don't want to see this happen to another dog or anyone."

The neighborhood is in the same area where police have received two other reports of dogs being killed. Police have yet to charge anyone in the cases.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Fort Worth Police Department.